A collection of formal, classroom-based courses covering popular boating subjects.

Cruising & Cruise Planning

A fun class to help guide you to plan your next trip, whether it is for an afternoon sail or for a passage across an ocean.


Instructor Development

A class for anyone wishing to become a certified USPS instructor. Aside from covering effective public speaking skills, it also touches on accommodating students with special educational needs.

Engine Maintenance

A basic class on those iron beasts in the bowels of our vessels that make them move. 

Marine Electrical Systems

An in-depth look at the electrical systems that power the lights, instruments and other devices aboard our vessels.

Marine Communication Systems

An in-depth look at the various communication systems available for the marine environment, from the simple marine VHF radio to elaborate satellite-based systems for global connectivity.

Marine Navigation Systems

A look at the digital systems primarily used for instrumentation and navigation aboard the contemporary cruising vessel.


A course on the art and science of sail.

Operations Training

A short class recommended for all members of America's Boating Club who wish to understand how the ABC is organized and how business is conducted by the organization and its various committees.



An intensive introduction to meteorology and weather forecasting as it applies to boaters. This is a college-level course that will make you appreciate just how difficult your local weatherman's job is.