While formal courses and seminars can teach a great deal, there are occasions where our members have asked for some hands-on instruction that goes into more detail than a generic class. To answer this need, the Seneca Sail & Power Squadron has undertaken various projects to help our members get some hands-on confidence-building.

2016 - Boat Maintenance and Restoration

In early 2016, a family donated a small daysailer to the Squadron that our students refurbished. During the 10-week project, students learned how to repair fiberglass, paint a hull and deck, apply non-skid, install watertight access ports, refinish brightwork, and sew a new sail. At the end of the class, the project boat was auctioned off at a fund-raiser for a local parochial school and the proceeds were split with the Squadron.

2016 - Sailboat Repowering

One of our Chapter members had the unfortunate experience of having his motor seize. A seminar was organized to give interested students experience in swapping diesel motors in a 35-foot sailboat. Students learned how to remove and replace a motor in a safe and secure manner and were exposed to all of the details that have to be considered when repowering a boat. The boat owner had the help of many enthusiastic hands to deal with removing and replacing the 300-pound motor. Another win-win situation!

2017 - Marine Refrigeration

Chapter members were invited to get some first-hand experience with converting the ice box of an older cruiser to a refrigerator. An evaporator coil and thermostat were installed in the ice box, insulation was upgraded, and the compressor was installed in one of the cockpit lockers before the system was evacuated and charged with refrigerant and compressor oil. In the process students learned the basics of refrigeration and got some hands-on experience with the gauges and tools needed to fully service a typical installation.

Future Classes

The Finger Lakes Chapter is always looking for opportunities to teach its members about all things boating. If you have a situation where you could use some help and don't mind training some "apprentices", please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. right away!