Junior Navigation

An introduction to offshore navigation utilizing both electronic and traditional techniques. This course is the introduction to celestial navigation in which the sun is used to determine one's position in the absence of electronic aids.

Prerequisites: Advanced Piloting (AP)

Course Description: Junior Navigation (JN) is the first in a two-part program of study in offshore navigation, followed by the Navigation course. It is designed as a practical "how to" course. Subject matter includes:

The course consists of two parts. There is a 14 week classroom component along with the requirement to obtain actual celestial observations using a marine sextant. The instructor will organize several "field trips" to get students started with their sight logs and to provide hands on training with the sextants that the squadron will provide. 

NOTE: Field work for this course requires a significant time commitment and must be done outdoors. Students are strongly encouraged to complete their celestial observations during the warmer parts of the year!