Official links to other America's Boating Club / United States Power Squadrons resources:

The following links have been provided by various members of the Finger Lakes Chapter as being of possible interest to visitors of this site.

  • The Finger Lakes Yacht Club - A local yacht club located in Watkins Glen, NY where our squadron shares a base of operations for on-the-water activities. Many of our SSPS members are also members of this club. This is the principle yacht club in the area for sailboat owners.
  • The Watkins Glen Yacht Club - A local yacht club located in Watkins Glen, NY with whom our squadron also shares members. This club has been very supportive of SSPS educational activities. Its membership consists primarily of power boat owners due to their location past a low bridge.
  • Boating and Yacht Safety for All Age Levels - HMY Yachts, a brokerage, posted this page about yacht safety. This page has a number of links to yet other sources of common-sense safety considerations. Thanks to members of the Technology Education Lab in Maine (that's you, Stacey & Grace!) for making us aware of this page.
  • Knots 3D - If you're looking for an app for your mobile device that is the end-all authority on knots and hitches, this is it. While it's not a free app, it's well worth the nominal fee that's charged. This app will show you 3-D animations of how to tie each knot and it's a handy reference. Thanks to Trevor Brodie for making us aware that we had omitted this link from our web site!

These links have been provided as a convenience and do not necessarily constitute a direct endorsement by the Seneca Sail & Power Squadron.